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Bob the robber is working against the Mafia and corruption. He need evidence to prove that, so he didn't have any other choice except stealing the evidence directly from the Mafia. Help him to steal without getting him caught!


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Help Bob to steal the evidence without making any trouble and getting caught. Play carefully before you enter a room with camera, or some guy walking around. Also you need to be very carefully when you unlock a door or when you need to brake a locker.

Story about Bob The Robber

The story of the game begins when the irritated Bob is trying to fight against the irregularities and corruption. He didn't know how to beat the Mafia, because he didn't got any evidence on them to prove that, so that is why he started to steal evidence directly from them. The wise robber Bob is trying to not get caught while he is entering a room full with cameras. He figured out how to complete the job safely without making any clue. His secret trick is to enter the room while the cameras are filming on the opposite side. If he could not reach the next point(door,stairs or room) he is making a ran right under the camera. While Bob is patiently standing under the camera, his next move will be when the camera is switching the position on the opposite side of his point. Sometimes he needs to be more patient and wait for the right moment when the walking guy(in the next room) arrive near his entering point, so when he enter the room he could immediately attack him with the stick.

But the cameras and the walking guys are not his biggest problem. Some of his biggest problems are in the rooms where there are lockers that need to be unlocked and they are under camera protection. Other also bigger problem for Bob is when he enters in laser protected room that needs to be disabled directly from the electrical power. Bob also got complex problem finding notes with the right combination code hidden in computer files because he couldn't unlock the password locked doors or safe boxes. But his worse and biggest problem is when he need to pass near room protected by a police dog. The Mafia is using the best security systems to cover the evidence from Bob the robber.

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Bob the robber game can be played online and offline. The difference between playing online and offline is that in online version you can submit your final score. In both online and offline versions there are 5 levels that need to be passed. In every single level you will face different difficulty. Starting from level 1, you will need to face robot, passing a room with camera and passing a room with lacer protection. This level has 8 rooms. Try to find the money hidden in every Box so you will increase your score. Level 2 is not difficult to pass because it have only 8 rooms. You will need to pass over two rooms protected with cameras, one room protected with laser, one room protected with password locked door and in one room there is a walking guy. Next level is more harder level. In this level 3 you will need to pass over 4 rooms with cameras, 4 rooms with guys walking from side to side, one room with laser protection and one room with password locked door. In level 3 there are 14 rooms. Level 4 have 25 rooms. In 6 rooms there are cameras, in 4 rooms there are walking guys, in 2 rooms there are password locked doors, in 3 rooms there are lacer protection, in 1 room there is a dog walking from side to side and 1 room is protected with logical security system. The last level is very complicated because there are 43 rooms. In 11 rooms there are cameras, in 14 rooms there are guys walking around, in 2 of the rooms there are password locked doors, 3 of the rooms are laser protected and in one room there is a dog walking from side to side.

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